08 August 2008

7 months!

Today our lil man Hunter is Seven months! I swear I just popped him out yesterday. Next thing I know he will be graduating. *tear* Yes, I am taking him to get pix today. I am so excited. I sure treasure his pix. I already look back to see how much he has grown. I do need to record him sometime laughing in his sleep. It is the cutest thing ever. Too bad I can't tape his dreams. They are probably of his rubber duckies squirting water. For some reason he thinks that is hilarious. In a few years I expect him to be telling fart jokes with his daddie, so I am treasuring this sense of humor now. Course the boy humor has already started. He thinks poopie diapers are the funniest thing around. I should call him lil anton or lil buns. Goodness.

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