13 July 2008

Tastes like fish!

Last weekend was a lake weekend! Oh we love the lake. I know I say it a million times and I will probably say it a million more. On Saturday we were the only people crazy enough to be on the lake. It was windy and rainy. We still loved it as we were drenched to the core. Hunter loved going over the waves and the water on his face. Sunday was perfect weather for the lake, so we were back at it. Rob caught his first fish out of the boat and Anton caught six. One of Anton's six was a six inch catfish. He showed it to Hunter and stuck it in front of him so Hunter could feel it. Well anything that touches Hunter's hands immediately goes into Hunter's mouth. Yes, that includes a six inch catfish! Ugh. Hunter thought it was the coolest thing in the world and laughed at mommie when she squealed and pulled him away. Boy do we have our hands full. : ) People have asked me if I got a picture of it. Yes I let him keep the live catfish in his mouth while I went to go retrieve my camera, take it out of its case, turn it on, and take a picture. Are you kidding me?! I needed to get it out before Hunter tried to proceed to bite the head off. Now that would be a nasty diaper to change!

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Anonymous said...

That was such a great weekend! Hunter is such a trooper. Hugs!