11 July 2008

Smells Like Summer

Smell is supposed to be the strongest sense to recall memory. I love the smell of summer. Humid air, fresh cut grass, mulch, and charcoal. Here are a few things that the smell of summer reminds me off:
-My brother and his rope. My brother didn't have a blanky that he carried around. He had a rope. Boy could we get ourselves in trouble with that rope. Laundry shoots, climbing off the porch....
-F.C. Summer Church Camp. I went to camp from my 3rd grade year till after my senior year. No a/c, but great friends, fun, and pranks!
-Playing in the creek behind cooper court. We had two otters that lived back there. They were a blast to watch. I would catch crawdads and splash in the water.
-Crawling in storm drains to look for the ninja turtles. Kawabanga dude!
-First dating Anton. We started dating in the summer right after I got back from Africa. We had lots of nights talking outside till 5 am. Crazy man because he worked full time as a Chemist at this time. He was a good one as well. He made several developments for gas additives. Now he is an electrician and loves it.
-The lake. My family weren't big lake people. I love the lake, so I would always try to hitch on with some friends as a kid to go. Man I want to go to the lake so bad!
-Pregnant and taking 3 mile walks with my dad on the railroad tracks.


Anonymous said...

Its a laundry 'chute' not shoot. Even though you guys did shoot out of it when the rope turned out to be too short to reach to the bottom.

You forgot to mention riding the cardboard box down the stairs. At least you wore a bicycle helmet.

I remember forgetting to put the rain fly on the tent when we camped at night in a thunderstorm on our way to the grand canyon. Hiking in the snow in Yellowstone. Fishing on lake superior, then you insisting on cleaning the fish to the amazement of the captain. Getting eaten up by mosquitos when we canoed on that lake in Canada. Teaching you how to drive in the parking lot. Riding the golf cart in Belize. Sitting there at AJ's with you telling me how you liked Tony but were afraid he would never call, and then the phone rang and it was him asking you out on a date.

I love you pookie.


Chelley N said...

Mmmm, summer. I love it too! It's amazing the memories that the smells of summer can bring up!