06 July 2008

Happy Fourth and God Bless America!

This weekend reminded me how fortunate we are! Unfortunately Aunt Terra had to go back to Japan, but we have some great pictures from when she was here. Wednesday and Thursday we partied with our Culdasac Friends and watched surround showings of Fireworks. We thought Hunter would be afraid of the noise, but he loved the fireworks! Yes a little pyromaniac in the making. He had a huge pickle as he watched the show. Thursday we also got some family pix. Hunter was a ham for those of course. Then Friday and Saturday we went to Anton's family farm. We fished, ate, ate, and ate. I must admit that I am getting a little old for sleeping in the back of the truck. Stars were crystal clear, so it made up for my sore butt. On saturday morning we ran into a baby fawn. (Yes it still had its spots)Hunter made friends quickly. The fawn would come up to us, Hunter would get excited and start talking to it. The fawn would then jump and bounce a little bit then approach Hunter again to check him out. Once again Hunter would start babbling at him again. This repeated for about 45 min until we left the timber. Cute! We spent a lot of time in the creek. At first Hunter wasn't sure about the cold water. By the time we were ready to leave Hunter couldn't be ripped from the creek. He was having a blast. Course then we occupied him by the camp fire. His eyes wouldn't leave the flames. Hope you all had a good Fourth! Enjoy our pix.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a great time! Rob's grandparents would be so thrilled. Hugs!