07 July 2008

Hanging with Hunter and playing shutupship.

I love days that I just get to hang with Hunter! He started bananas last night. He wasn't sure about them at 1st, but he started chowing them down. I gave him carrots again 1st thing this morning to make sure the bananas didnt ruin his appetite for vegetables. Fortunately he still liked his carrorts just as much as before and still chowed down on his bananas for dessert. He also flipped 5 light switches today. I know... I know it is such a small thing, but I get excited about the little stuff!(Acctually I think it is huge!) My baby is getting so big. I started teaching him sign language.(Okay I started trying sign language and I hope he picks it up. : )) Part of the problem is learning the signs for my self. The daddie sign is hilarious. When I showed my husband he didn't believe me. They say 9 signs is the basic amount that you should start out with. I think I am going to work on teaching him Mommie, Daddie, Thank you, Please, More, Milk, My dad thinks grandpa should be one, and I haven't decided on the others, probably grama, uncle, and aunt. We then left to check on Grampa Hayes who just had foot surgery to make sure he wasn't dying on boredom. Okay it was also an excuse for us to leave the house. It was a little to hott to play outside for long. I love summer and I love being a mommie and wife!


Anonymous said...

I hear your brother escaped. I bet you are really happy. I have been praying for him hoping that something good would work out. I think this is God's answer to my prayers.

Mercedes said...

I am happy for him. I hope he is safe and well hid.