22 June 2008

Like a Fish

Finally a perfect weekend that we can go to the lake! Aunt Terra is in town from Japan so it is additionally perfect timing. We have been dying to get on the water. Anton and I are such water bugs and Hunter has really become a fish. I was kind of dreading the trip at first. I worried about how Hunter would handle the life jacket. The first time we tried him in his life jacket he immediately began screaming and would not tolerate the awkward thing for a second. When we were loading up on the boat I expected the same response from him when I had to buckle him into his life jacket. I got prepared to be able to stick a tit in his mouth if need be; however, this time he was so distracted by all the new sites he didn't even notice the awkward apparatus being applied. He loved the wind in his face and stared at the water in wonderment. I am amazed how tolerant he was of the whole trip. He even got in the lake with Mommie and Daddie to play. At first the cold water upset him extremely until he figured out how to warm up the water. : ) Oh side note. Buy little swimmers and do not use regular diapers. We thought it would just get extra soggy. The diaper exploded literally. I thank God for days like today!Oops. I guess I forgot it was not a perfect day for all of us. My father-in-law Rob had an accident driven day. He lost three lures to fishing, the only thing he caught was himself, and he broke his nose tubing. The lure went all the way into his calf. I was breastfeeding and Anton was reeling a fish in at the time. Aunt Terra and Granma Diana are not ones who deal with blood well. Luckily Anton got the fish taken care of quick and got the hook out. Note to self always have a first aid kit. Shortly after that he went tubing. He kept saying to go faster. Well Anton did and Rob ended up with a nose three times its normal size. Terra suggested when he gets surgery on his foot next week that the doc should just take care of it all right then. Grampa Hayes is sure a trooper. He still let us have a wonderful day amidst all of his unluckiness.

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The Family of N said...

Cool stuff. Great memories.