30 June 2008

Hunter's Den

I haven't ever put pictures up of Hunter's nursery. Many have asked what his nursery looks like. I have always just responded just like a nursery you would expect for a baby named Hunter who has a Daddie like Anton. Well I guess that description isn't good enough. Most of the stuff in the nursery is from Anton's and my childhood. The duck decoys are from his Great Grandpappy Hayes. Tiger stuff is obviously from me and the fishing and hunting stuff from Anton. The duck decoys were Anton's grandparents. Some are antique and some are handpainted by Anton's mother. The blanket on the rocking horse is Hunter's Uncle Jack's. I made it for Uncle Jack and he loaned it to Hunter to borrow. Most of the stuffed animals are from either Aunt Terra or my childhood. Here is a tiny peek. Yes the closest is more cluttered than I would like and my goodness the stuffed animals are going wild.

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