15 June 2008

Daddies Day!

Anton's first Daddies Day went great! I didn't know that I was going to enjoy Daddies Day this much. Hunter and I woke up Anton with presents that he hasn't already received yet. We then had a nice breakfast at home before touring the country side. Well the original plan was to go fishing; however, the weather didn't quite like that idea. We still had a blast checking out different areas then typical and seeing tons of wildlife. I only got a few pix of the wildlife, but the turned out good for drive by pix. Hunter even posed his toothies for me.
Here are pix of us. Okay mainly Hunter.

Here are a few of what we saw today!

I hope Anton enjoyed his day. He sure deserved to have. He is a wonderful father and husband. He surprises me each day. I am glad that I am blessed to spend my life with this hunk of a man.

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