11 May 2008

Finger licking good!

What a day. I must admit I am still greatly a child of heart. Don't believe me, just ask my husband. He thinks I want children so I have an excuse to buy the toys. I just keep to myself about that comment. : )The zoo today was great. The weather was perfect and Tony and Hunter were troopers. Of course we had to check the penguins out. They were show offs as usual. The trip to visit them was short, because it occurred to me that we actually showed up in time to feed the giraffes. Not watch the giraffes eat, but actually feed them. Surprisingly it is a dollar and it is probably the best way to spend a dollar. Their tongues are textured considerably different than I expected. Not rough like a cats or sloppy like a dogs. The top are textured like velvet and the bottom of the tongue like goo. One wrapped his tongue all the way around my hand. It was cool.Same one licked the kids face next to me. Eww. Definitely gentle creatures, but not so much were they are boring. I must admit that I got caught up in the moment of feeding them that I barely took time to notice Hunter's excitement. I think he thought they were super large stuffed animals. His hands and arms were just a flailing. What a perfect Mother's day. I got bulbs to plant from my mother in law to appease my green thumb and a couple of pix with my son(tell you the truth I have so few of those I treasure them like crazy). Last but not least I got a package from Japan. Yes I know. I am super cool. In it was the most adorable kimono for hunter with Japanese children books. Yeah my first Mother's day rocked. And yes I sported my pearls all day!

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