06 May 2008

Red Hats

Okay when and how did I switch from "Man those geezers are so old!" to "Those stupid kids!" I never thought that I would complain about kids driving too fast in the neighborhood. In fact I never thought I would refer to them as kids. Come on! I used to be miss lead foot with the convertible GT. Now I want an SUV. What has this child done to me!? I about passed out when I had a passing thought about a mini van. My goodness I gave up my hips and perky breasts for mammoth stretched marked apparatuses do I have to give up my youthful spunk? I am way too young for red hats and purple dresses. Help!


Chelley N said...

Haha, you are too funny! Is this what being a parent can do to a person???

Mercedes said...

Okay I can be a little overly dramatic, but yes you change your paradigm quite a bit.