25 May 2008

New Vue on the Horizon

If you all read my last post you heard about my car trouble. All week my husband has been trying to figure out what was wrong with my poor mustang. The sad final news came Saturday morning. The pony's motor was locked up and would take a minimum of $3,000.00 to fix it. *tear* I had great memories in that car. It was my second vehicle I had ever had and I had driven it for over five years. It was a blast to drive. Driving with the purring engine and the top down was a little taste of heaven. Course it didn't really fit motherhood. It was a two-door vehicle and once I put in the carseat in I couldn't have any passengers. It took me ten minutes each time to get in and out of the car. Okay not really that long, but I looked like a bent pretzle carrying a clown family trying to put Hunter in the car. It did literally take me 45 minutes to figure how to put the stroller in there. I drove to the zoo with the stroller taking up the whole passenger seat and part of the driver seat. Once I got there it took me another 15 to figure out how to get it out. So let's say that Anton and I understood that the pony would eventually have to go back to the farm. We have been looking at vehicles since we found out I was pregnant we were just never ready to take the financial dive.(When I say looking I do not mean glancing. We test drove and test drove. We dickered and dickered. We just never bought) I guess this locked engine pushed us in whether we wanted to buy or not. The nice thing about spending a year looking is that Saturday we showed up to one dealership, test drove one car, and then began the purchasing process. Thank goodness we did not shop around all day. I thought once you knew what car you wanted and settled on a price that was that. I thought the dickering is what took all the time. Ohhh no! I felt like I was selling my life a way. It took three hours from once we settled on a price and got approved for a loan before we got to get into our pretty new vue. Boy was it worth it though! I now longer feel like a teenage mother driving around. I can get Hunter in and out with ease and actually have passengers with me. Woohoo. Our whole family can fit in a vehicle together! The gas mileage kicks the mustangs in the butt, Anton and I can actually hear each other while we are driving, and we don't have to stack all of the groceries on the passengers lap. Oh and we both love the orange color. MMMM. Lucky thing was it is Memorial Day weekend, so we got a sweet deal!

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