30 May 2008


I realized today that I may be a little over protective of Hunter. I sure have some mamma bear instincts coming out. I went to a garage sale at one of our neighbor's house. The lady asked to hold Hunter. Okay I can do that. I am pretty generous about letting people hold the most beautiful child in the world. (Yes I believe that everyone agrees with me. lol) I take him back after ten minutes to go home and he smells like her perfume. Ugh. No child of mine is supposed to smell like another woman's perfume. I was actually mad. Man I had to go home and change him right a way. When he comes home from daycare I like to bath him right away to get rid off the foreign smell. My baby is supposed to smell like me!(or his daddie) Okay, where did the neurotic sense of over protectiveness come around. Maybe it is the prenatal vitamins. : )

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Chelley N said...

Ahhh, super-cute pic!