16 May 2008

Hunter is 4 Months!

Here are some pix of Hunter. Yes I am crazy and take him to get his pictures taken every month. At first I thought there might not be a reason to the madness, but I already am treasuring the pictures dearly. Anton is starting to admit he does as well, but he gives me a hard time cause I spend a little more each month. Oops. The first couple of times we took Hunter it was a nightmare. They would wait for Hunter to smile and pose before taking a picture. Honey at two weeks old no baby is going to pose!(we still got some awesome pix. the pix on my blog header is from Jcpenny when he was two weeks) Another time when I was trying to get some cut bum shots he peed all over the set. Oops! Instead of cleaning it up the people behind us just sat in it to take their pix. Ooo gross! I guess that is what they get for being impatient. His three month pictures is when the change of the seasons seemed to occur. He started to get the routine down and when the preflash would come on he cheesed it big. Maybe he has figured out if he smiles he is done quicker. It might be that or he likes flirting with the ladies at JcPenny's. I don't care it is sure easier on me either way! If you would like to order any of these just email me or leave me a comment. I will then send you an order link.

Sorry these are not on a pretty slide show, but that software won't take bmp's. Oh well. You can still enjoy my Handsome Hunter. : )

I got an 8x10 of this one.

I ordered a 10x10 of this one.

I also got a 10X10 of this one!

I haven't gotten his 3 month pix scanned in yet, but here are some of his 2 month pix.

Hunter at exactly one month.

Hunter at two weeks and a day.


Anonymous said...

I love those!!! He is such a cutie pie. I think we probably have some more pictures of you in the hospital that you might like. Take a look when you are over. Hugs!

Mercedes said...

I believe Rob has given them all to me already. Thank you though.
I know he is a good picture taker!