18 May 2008

Don't drink the water.

Four months pregnant and I got a job as a Microbiologist at a pharmaceutical company. I thought I would be in a traditional lab, but somehow I landed into preggo land. My supervisor was five months pregnant, the Microbiologist who was training me his wife transferred to our department was just a week behind me in her pregnancy, another microbiologist in my group was seven months pregnant, and a tech was expecting a grandbaby. I think God handpicked my department. Goodness anything I needed to know about having a child was told to me in gruesome detail. Sometimes they made me want to turn back with all their gory detail. Now nine months later we all have beautiful babies. I made it through and learned to appreciate all the advice they gave me. Course I did not realize what a chunky monkey Hunter really was until last night. We had a going away bbq for Travis(A Microbiologist who is leaving, but has had a huge education in pregnancy and birth. We told his fiance last night that whenever she gets pregnant she doesn't need a book. Travis lived in prego land and now knows all.)last night and got to play with two of the babies. Clay is 13 days younger than him and a good two pounds smaller. Addilyn is little over a month older than him and a good 3 pounds lighter. I felt like I was holding baby dolls compared to him. It was sure cute watching the babies interact with eachother. Better than watching them play in the mirror! Soon we need to get a department baby pix. We could put it up on our office door with a warning Don't Drink the Water!

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