10 May 2008

Doctor's Report.

I forgot to put in Hunter's check up report yesterday. Most probably aren't that excited about it, but I know a few family members are interested. Hunter is now a whopping 15#2oz.( a lil over 50%) Man what a piglet. He can eat up to a 10 ounce bottle now. Where in the world does 10 ounces go on that boy? He is now a 25 inches long. (a lil over 50%)I sure hope he becomes tall like his daddie and not short like... well.. me. And then his head circumference... well when the nurse measured him his head was in the 97 percentile. Wow that is a gargantuan sized head especially when the rest of your body isn't in that percentile. I was surprised cause his head didn't look that big. The Doctor came in looked over his scores and said that doesn't look right. She remeasured and his head was actually in the 75%. Still a big head for all those brains, but at least not freakishly weird.
He was a show off for the doctor off course. Hunter loves attention and is a little ham. The doctor oohed and awed over him. I love it when she does that. He showed how he can almost sit up and when she was holding him sitting he stood up on his own. Oh yeah that's my boy. Show off right. The hole time he smiled, talked, and laughed at her. She said based on what she saw he was ready to eat solid foods. She explained to me that starting solids is not an age thing but a developmental thing.
Then was the dreaded part. Two nurses came in with massive weapons of baby destruction and gloves. Okay I am exaggerating a little bit, but five shots for a baby is a lot. Hunter surprisingly knew what was about to happen. He smile vanished and turned in to a tight lipped mouth and his eyes got big and red. The scream wasn't as blood curdling as last time, but it still tore at me. I had given him Tylenol before this time maybe that helped. He didn't pout as long afterword. He breastfed for about ten minutes then was all smiles again and ready to charm the ladies. Oh I smell a stench in the air.I better attend to it.

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