17 May 2008

Combo =100% Cute

Everyone is always asking who does Hunter look like. To me the better question is what does he get from Anton and what does he get from Mercedes(that's me). Here is a list of my best guess.
-Eyes from me for sure. Mine are blue and Anton's are the most beautiful golden hazel.
-Ears Anton! Anton makes fun of Hunter's ears all the time, but it cracks me up cause they look just like his.
-Nose... hmmm... that is a debate. At least his nose doesn't look like his baby waves pictures. (3D sonogram) It looked liked it covered half of his face. The lady performing the sonogram asked us who he looked like. We both looked at each other and wanted to say a monkey not us. Thank goodness he was born with a perfect nose! That was definitely a relief.
-Dimples. Hmm we both have them, but I think they are in the same spot Antons are located.
-Butt. That would be me! We both have the big rear ends.
-Skin tone. Thankfully he gets that from Anton. I would feel horrible if my children popped out saltine white like me. At least I tan well and don't really burn.
-Smile. Anton! They both have smiles that just make anyone melt.
-Cheeks. Those would probably be me. His chubby cheeks looks exactly like mine in my baby pictures.
-Sense of humor. Considering the fact that sometimes Hunter will crack up laughing while he is farting his sense of humor definitely comes from his father. I guess that is fine as long as he gets his daddie's height as well!

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Anonymous said...

I love this blog, especially. I think he has the best of both of you. Perfect!