18 April 2008

Shout Out!

Hunter has not been able to meet his Uncle Jack or Aunt Terra yet. His Aunt Terra got to see him in belly by sonogram, but his Uncle Jack hasn't gotten to see him in any form yet. Hunter's Aunt Terra (Anton's older and only sister) live in Japan currently, so the ocean between makes it difficult for her to visit. Hunter's Uncle Jack (My younger and only brother) lives in Utah and I guess that big salt lake makes it difficult for him to come see Hunter. Hunter has had the blessed opportunity to talk to both of them on the phone. Let me tell you Hunter is a talker. If you start talking over him at times he will just talk louder. I am not quite sure what he is saying yet. It is fun to imagine. "Hey mom. Where's the milk? I am expecting a good portion of it here in thirty minutes. My doggie over here is so much fun to lay on and to chew on his ears. You should try it some time. Dude! Where's my car? Oh yeah! Say hi to my Favorite Uncle Jack for me and my favorite Aunt Terra for me! Thanks Mom."

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