20 April 2008

Morning Sunshine

Tony and I are definitely both morning people. We are talkative in the morning and normally always in a good mood in the morning. Fortunately for us Hunter definitely has this trait as well. When he wakes up first thing in the morning he is all smiles. He coos and laughs at about anything. You can have him cracking up for about thirty minutes until he decides to eat. Yesterday morning after breakfast Anton kidnaps Hunter goes to the nursery and locks the door. All I hear is laughing from both of my men. Fifteen to thirty minutes later out comes my son decked in camo from head to toe and my husband with a huge proud grin. I go into the nursery and every piece of clothing that even has a little camo on it was laid on the floor. I think they had way too much fun.
The rest of the day was beautiful as well. Perfect weather and perfect company. My lil hunter definitely enjoys the outdoors even if his mother let him get a little cherry red. I must say I love the sunshine!
I almost forgot. Hunter got a Japanese surprise yesterday. He got a package from his Aunt Terra filled with the most adorable 6-9 month clothes and the cutest baby Dr. Seuss book.Thank you Aunt Terra. What is sad is a few of the clothes already fit. My lil boy is growing up. *tear*

Boy do I need to get pix with my son! He will think I was never around! Note to self to work on that!
Somehow that made me think about the topic of baby dreams. (Yes today is random tangent day. If you know me at all you know I am very good at the art of tangenting.) Do babies dream? Hunter laughs, smiles, frowns, and sometimes cries in his sleep. (He got that from his mother. I am a sleep talker.) Are these reactions to his baby dreams? And if babies dream what do they dream about? Endless supplies of milk, toys, and time on the Johny jumper. Maybe they dream about being more mobile and getting into stuff that they currently have no hope of getting into. I know Hunter is frustrated that he can't crawl yet. He tries to launch himself towards things which can be scary when you are holding him. Maybe he just dreams of flying. I am sure if they dream it is not nearly in the detail as adult dreams. Course I am not sure if there is really anyway of knowing unless anyone of you remember baby dreams.
One more tangent. Two days ago was Grampa Brown's Bday! Happy Bday Grampa Brown! Here are some family pix below.

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