21 April 2008

Lick It and Stick It.

I like my job; however, I hate the first day back to work. Right now I am on a twelve hour schedule. It allows to to have a three day weekend one week and a four day weekend the next. It is wonderful getting to spend the extra time with my Hunter, but that first day back I go through withdrawals. I try to not call the babysitter during the day, but the first day of the week I can't restrain myself. I call just hoping to hear him gabbing in the background. (I used to call her everyday until my husband found out. He thought that I needed to let her be, but she has my baby.)I con everyone at work into looking at my blog and a blab about what he did over the weekend. I think people dread seeing me after my weekend off. : ) I am one of those mothers I swore I would never be. It is just so hard when you feel like he has gained a pound in a day. My babysitter says he has withdrawals his first day back as well. Course she might be saying that to console me and get off the phone. I need a baby patch. Maybe I can lick the back of one of his million photos of him I have at work(I almost have a bulletin board covered and he isn't even 4 months yet) and slap it to my arm. Hmmmm. I might give it a try. ; )

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