25 April 2008

Good Will Ambassador

The other night Anton and I were re-evaluating our finances. As you can imagine the air was a tad tense. I was done feeding Hunter, so I handed him off to his daddie for burping and I went to the restroom. I come out and I hear cooing, laughing, and my husband making the funniest baby noises. It was beautiful. We became relaxed, popped out a new finance plan quick, and enjoyed the rest of the night as a family.


Chelley N said...

Thanks for the comment about my header! My friend Tracy's friend Carey made it for me! She also made Tracy's if you want to look at hers (The Patterson Production in my list of favorite blogs). Anyway, Carey told me if there's anyone else I know that wants one that she'd be happy to make them one... so let me know if you do!

Wicked Gardener said...

Hi Mercedes!
Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving a message. Mr. Hunter is adorable!