16 April 2008

Button Pusher

Once again I am a first time mother, so every little achievement amazes me. I feel like I have to broadcast every detail to the world. I decided that I will not shy from that fact and embrace it. Here is my broadcast. Hunter deliberately pushed his first button this past Monday. Yes my son is a genius. He was in his Johny Jumper while I was picking up the house. I stuck a Baby Einstein toy on the Johny Jumper tray. I would push the buttons for him so he could listen to the music and watch the lights. When I was in the middle of doing dishes the toy stopped playing. I turned to go start it again when my personal baby einstein stuck out his index finger and pushed the button to make it play. I wish I would have videoed his face. He was so excited with his accomplishment. I immediately had to notify his father who was at work at that time. Parenthood rocks!

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Chelley N said...

TAG! You're IT! Go read my blog...

Cute new pics as always!