29 March 2008

Social Butterfly

If you haven't noticed by now I love bragging about my Hunter and every little thing amazes me. Easter Sunday I took Hunter back to the nursery to change is diaper. When I took him into the room with all the children he immediately stopped crying and his eyes became real wide. The whole time while changing his diaper he was cranking his head to watch the little kids play. Afterwards I set with him on the floor a little while to allow him to watch the kids a bit more; however, I thought we had played enough so that we should go back to church. As soon as I opened the door to leave Hunter started crying again. I went back in the room, sat in a rocker, and had him facing me. He continued to cry. I turned him so he could see the kids and he stopped crying and started smiling.
Later that night in small group, Hunter was sitting in Tony's lap. There was a baby playing on the floor in front of him. Hunter bent over and tried to pull himself forward on Tony's legs to get to the baby. Tony laid him on the floor next to the baby and Hunter proceeded to smile and coo all night. It just amazes me that he is that aware of his surroundings at such and early age.


Chelley N said...

I love seeing pics of your little guy...he is PRECIOUS!!!

Mercedes said...

Thanks. I love hearing that he is precious.