13 February 2008

A good night sleep.

I wish a would have started this blog several weeks ago. I didn't realize how fast he would grow and change in just a 5 week period. It has definitely been the fastest 5 weeks of my life. We have had lots of sleepless night, dirty diapers, and picture perfect moments.
Most nights Hunter gets up at least three times a night if not more. Last night was a wonderful Eight hour night. I did wake up several times throughout the night just to make sure he was alive. I couldn't believe that he wasn't waking up. I wonder if baby Hunter can keep that up. I am guessing I shouldn't keep my hopes up.


Chelley said...

Ahhh, he is just too cute for words!!!

Mercedes said...

Thank you. I love hearing that. Course I was right to not expect the full nights of sleep to continue.