23 October 2015

Wow has life Changed

Life is a little more busy, a little more full, and a little more beautiful. I am now a mother of 5. My house is a mess, I have piles of laundry, and pictures I haven't taken, or haven't scrapbooked, and my blog is one thing I don't even guilt myself over. But every messy moment, sleepless night, or hectic efforts to get out the door are completely beautiful and filled with love. I never thought I would be blessed to be the mother of 5 children. I never thought I would be blessed with twins. But I am so blessed and my heart is full. 

30 June 2013

The case of mistaken identity

My Husband took Hunter out to his work truck to put change in a plastic cup, so Hunter could put it in his piggy bank. Hunter refused to carry the cup back to the house, started melting down, began crying, then refused to put the money in his piggy bank. I asked Hunter what was wrong. "Daddy took money out of someones truck with out asking and wants me to steal it!! You can't take money from people you don't know with out asking." Me "Honey Daddie got a new work truck. That is Daddy's money." Hunter "Ohh I thought Daddy was trying to get me to go to jail."

18 June 2013

A river runs through it and Egg carton boats.

My kids love their foil river so much I literally just leave the foil in the garage and pull it out when I need to keep my kiddos occupied while I pull weeds. 
Yes the foil gets torn, but the beauty of the foil you can fold it back together and the holes don't really make a difference. 
Braelynn has declared the job of supervisor of all Hunter and Lorelei related activities. 

Lorelei always wants to be on water control duty. We call her the damn and Hunter has self declared himself the engineer. 

I always save my egg cartons. You can use them for almost anything.
Egg carton boats. Just an egg carton torn into individual parts. They float really easily down the foil river, cheap, and take no fore thought. 

I am a mother of three whose husband works out of town 90% of the time. I really love awesome, fun, memorable activities that don't have you running to the craft store, having you plan out in advance, or shelling out money you need for a mind saving happy hour sonic drink. 
Most of all I have realized we don't have to reinvent the wheel every day. 
Play dough, chalk, and bubbles are classics for a good reason!
What are your "classics" you pull out on a regular basis?

17 June 2013

Phone update

So my Anton has been working in North Dakota on and off the past two years. 
Right now he is working in North Dakota for a six month stint. 
You would think that with him not home as much I wouldn't neglect updating; however, it hasn't been the case. 
Even though my phone is far from good at taking pictures I love looking back through the album. 
My phone pix always cover the unexpected moments in life. 

 I am so blessed to have three children to get to enjoy all day every day. We have had fun planting strawberries, tomatoes, radishes, carrots, and grapes. We are already reaping tons of crop as it has been beautifully wet this year. I love warm summer rain!

Braelynn can't get enough of her toes, attention, and whatever food may be in your hand. 

Hunter has lost two teeth in the past couple of weeks. Course they both have been lost for real before being able to make it under the pillow. There has definitely been some letter writing to the tooth fairy going on. 

I have been having a blast helping transform our bible class curriculum to church into a rotational model curriculum, I am the PTO Vice President for Hunter's school, and I have been doing some volunteer coordinating. I love staying busy while still having a blast swimming, playing cards, chasing, and cuddling with my three ornery spoiled beautiful wonderful children.

02 May 2013

3 months already

My sweet Braelynn is already 3 months older. 
She is giddy, loves attention, constantly wants held, and has a wonderful full belly laugh. 
She has already firmly implanted herself upon our family. 
It would be impossible not to love her completely with all your heart. 

29 April 2013

Phone pix

Just sat down to feed Braelynn and started looking through phone pictures. It is amazing how fast life goes. I have the perfect family to let it fly.

For you mommy!

My sweet Hunter picks me a flower every day and comes running up to me and says "for you mommy I love you!" I don't think I could ask for anything more perfect in my life. I love my Hunter so much!